About CampExile

The mighty Himalayas are well known for keeping many secrets within it. From beautiful valleys and rivers to meadows n grasslands, hot water and sulphur springs to glacier water pools. The Himalayan griffon and the Lammergeier (The bearded vuture), the Blue sheep (Bharal) that changes color, the colorfull Monal, the Musk deer (Kasturi mrig), the three horned Rhino beetle, The Atlas moth, Yarsagumba (Caterpillar fungus (Ophiocordyceps)), the mighty Oak, the Deodar or the Rhododendron tree the stinging nettle or the Himalayan blue poppy, the paradise flycatcher or the leothrix and the elusive Leopard, all that and much more that add to the magic of the great Himalayas. An over abundance of rare and exotic flora fauna spread throughout the mountain belt.


      Our Team from http://www.HimalayanMagicTrips.com have scoped out exotic locations to camp at on 578871_222062241262208_939973548_nour tours. We wish to show you the mountain life the way it is. You will be part of traditional rituals, mountain folk music at riversides accompanied by local mountain food. Sing with them, dance the tunes, be part of the mountains. Experience the local art work, traditional building styles, learn how to fish the local sure shot ways. Identify wild edible plants and learn to prepare it. Go berry picking or even mushroom with the kids cause they know the best spots.  It’s a limitless bounty of fun n surprises.

      We have many exciting routes that will keep your heart pounding. We would like to show you what’s flowering and what’s fruiting, who is nesting and what is flying, what is hunting and what is hiding.  Cause this is what we love doing and this what we want to show you, the real mountain living. Our team has gone through a lot to explore theses place and identifying spots keeping safety and accessibility as our priority. We wish to maintain saf556117_10151836351665006_124820961_nety, cleanliness and accessibility as our top priority but yet not sacrificing on beautiful untouched spots away from civilisation and touristy places. We provide with the basics like spacious 2 people tents with single or 2 people sleeping bags, inflatable pillow, a tent lamp and sleeping mat. It is enough to keep you comfortable and cosy. All meals prepared fresh at the camp by our outdoor chef. Evening bonfires with folk music seems like an ideal way to end everyday with.  Pickup from Delhi and back. Everything taken care off. If you wish to drive, ride, cycle, taxi or bus. We are equipped to handle all your travel needs.


To know more on our routes click here Magic Trips, we have 2 of the best routes on offer in Kumaon.  You can Contact Us to know of our other routes that are yet to be published here.  Please visit our Gallery to go through some of the captures of our exploration. It is essential to be a bit self equipped for any kind of travel in the mountains. We have made a list of The Bare Essentials required to have a safe and comfortable travel experience anywhere in the mountains. Get to know our team here  Team.