Best Weekend getaway : Camp Exile and Naukuchiatal

When i first checked out the camp on tripadvisor, it seemed to be the only reasonable option available around the time of the Escape music festival. However, when we got to Camp Exile, the music fest seemed to take a backseat.

The camp, with it’s serene surroundings and exclusivity is the perfect getaway within a getaway. The tents were comfortable but we preferred camping out in sleeping bags and our wonderful host Pratish Ram catered to that as well, apart from our million other demands.

Pratish is the most accomodating host who lets you takeover this little piece of land and make it your own. He attends to your every need and goes out of his way to help you out, be it with bookings, water sports, paragliding, treks, food, directions etc. If you’re the lazy sort, like we were, even better! The camp has a good music system and Pratish has a pretty vast collection of music. Moreover, you can plug in your own music.

The cooks and help were extremely cordial as well and we were provided freshly cooked meals, three times a day and pakoras and other stuff in between. Chai was available on demand, which was a big + point for my friends and I. The bathrooms were spotless and hot water was available on demand. I tried hard to think of one thing that didn’t work out with the place and I’ve got nothing.

It has all the basic facilities one needs and  a very hospitable host too! Pratish has done a wonderful job with the place and I highly recommend a getaway to Camp Exile and Naukuchiatal.


Parineeta Srivastava